Commander Bill Perkins VFW Department Mississippi
Fellow Comrades & Sisters:

Since June 16 of this year when I was installed as State Commander I have asked for your patience and help. I continue to need both and there are many changes in the making; but at the top of the list is Communications and that is what this new website is about.  We are doing our best to have this website fully operational and up to date before the next C of A.

As you visit this website please keep in mind that we expect this website to serve all of the facets of the VFW in the State of Mississippi, this will include the Auxiliaries and the Cooties. This website will also have a news page which will include a quarterly update as well as a current daily update.  The Department Secretary needs to have your suggestions and input in order to make this a site that serves all. Please help us in this endeavor as we strive to bring Mississippi to the top of the list that brings us  recognition for all the good work that we do.

God Bless and Keep You.

Bill Perkins

State Commander